Newway Towing — Testimonials

“I’ve been driving for years but never broke down before — until I was in a part of San Rafael I’d never been in the middle of the night. My engine just wouldn’t start, I was exhausted and I didn’t know what to do. I found Newway Towing’s site and gave them a call. They were a pleasure to deal with from the moment they answered the phone, and towed my car faster than I’d expected. The price was great and I knew my vehicle was in safe hands the whole time. Thanks, Newway Towing!”

— Sara K.  12.3.2018

“I was heading to work in the center of San Rafael first thing in the morning and my tire blew. I’d never changed one myself before so I called Newway Towing on a buddy’s recommendation. I’m glad I did! One of their drivers got to me quickly and swapped the flat tire. He was friendly and set my mind at ease. I got to the office in good time and was pleased with the price too!”

— Mitch B.   7.5.2018

“When I locked my car keys in the trunk, I was so angry with myself: I had a flight to catch and was convinced I’d miss it. I didn’t have any tools to open the trunk myself and gave my local towing company a call. Luckily, Newway Towing arrived at my home fast, opened the trunk and retrieved my keys! Quick, simple and reasonable prices too. Recommended.”

— John A.   6.6.2018

“I was riding my bike through San Rafael late one night, making the most of the quieter roads. Sadly, some careless driver came out of nowhere and knocked me to the tarmac. I was fine, but my bike wouldn’t start and needed some repairs. Newway Towing towed it away for a great rate and made sure the bike was secure the entire drive.”

— Alicia B.  19.7.2018 

“One morning, I started driving to work without realizing my tank was low on gas. By the time I noticed, I was slowing to a halt in the heart of San Rafael and ended up having to ask friends to recommend a local towing firm. Newway Towing delivered the gas I needed quickly, and I was amazed by the price. I was on my way to open my store much faster than I’d expected!”

— Bob C.   1.8.2018

“I was hesitant to get my car towed at first, until I found out Newway Towing offer flatbed towing. This meant my car was safe and secure on the driver’s truck during the whole drive, which gave me real peace of mind. I really recommend Newway Towing if you need to have your car towed by a professional at any time of the day or night!”

— Maria M.  25.9.2018